Lora Tucci

New single “Firestorm” out now!



Lora Tucci is a singer, songwriter and producer from Long Island, New York. She also is a partner in TucciTunes, an independent record label and production house specializing in dance and Top 40 releases.

Growing up in a musical family, her father being a songwriter and producer himself, Lora was drawn to music at an early age. She knew this was the path she always wanted to take. With piano being her primary instrument, it is where everything she writes is born. She states, “It’s the place where pretty much every idea begins. Even if I am sent a working instrumental track to add lyrics and melodies to, I will always translate it to the piano for the actual writing process. It’s where I feel most at home.”

After years of writing for other artists, primarily in the EDM and dance genre, Lora wanted to create something for herself. “Firestorm” will be her first release as an artist. This rhythmical pop song has a style and sound that is uniquely her own, and she feels a very personal connection to its lyrics and overall message of empowerment. The message of the song is wrapped within an energetic dance beat and a feel good commercial style. The goal is to create a positive vibe that appeals to a wide range of music lovers.